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Tablet Glasses Samsung

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Modern technologies in devices such as tablets offer better and better solutions. The processes are more efficient, the batteries do not require frequent charging, and the cameras guarantee higher and higher quality of the photos taken. However, one thing remains the same - the displays are still very vulnerable to damage. And we do not mean only small scratches or chips, but above all damage that may arise as a result of a fall from a great height, i.e. cracks or bruises. Such a situation can happen to anyone, so at the stage of buying a tablet you should consider buying additional screen protection. In the 4GSM store, we offer several solutions that you will surely like. One of them is Samsung tempered glass, aimed at the flagship tablet models of this brand. If you want to enjoy your tablet as long as possible, and the value of the equipment has not decreased, choose the tempered glass for Samsung tablets from the presented offer. We guarantee that by choosing a glass matched to your device, it will serve you throughout its life.

Samsung tempered glass - the best protection for your tablet!

Tempered glass is one of the most popular ways to protect the screen of tablets against unsightly scratches, chips or cracks. Therefore, they could not be missing from the offer of our 4GSM store. The models we offer are aimed at the most popular Samsung tablets. A characteristic feature of our glasses is the hardness scale, defined at 9h on a 10-point Mohs scale. This means that the proposed glass is scratch-resistant, even in contact with sharp objects such as a knife or keys.

The tempered glass for Samsung tablets available in this offer protects the screen not only against small scratches and splinters caused by everyday use, but also against more serious damage, such as breakage or cracking. This is primarily about a well-thought-out glass structure, which, combined with the highest quality materials, perfectly absorbs a fall from a great height, dispersing the impact force inside its own structure. Thanks to this, you have a guarantee that even when hitting a hard surface, the screen in the tablet will not be damaged.

Advantages of tempered glass for Samsung tablets

The undoubted advantage of using tempered glass in Samsung tablets is the excellent screen protection. Particularly noteworthy here is the thickness of the glasses we propose, which ranges from 0.20 to 0.26 mm, depending on the model chosen. All models offered are made of high-quality processed and reinforced tempered glass. Thanks to this, Samsung glasses are extremely light, flexible and, above all, durable, while the 2.5D milled edges cover the entire front of the tablet, including the frames.

The tempered glass from the presented offer is also perfectly suited to a specific tablet model. We are talking mainly about perfectly made cutouts for the camera, flash, speakers and other connectors. The crystal transparency of the glass in no way disturbs the effect of the displayed colors and does not affect the touch sensitivity. The assembly of Samsung tempered glass is extremely simple and you can do it yourself. You will receive all the necessary accessories in the set.