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Telefon Huse Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

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You have a Samsung Galaxy A42 and you are afraid of destruction? You don't know which case to choose? Protect your phone as best you can by purchasing a high-quality case designed for this model. The right choice will be facilitated by a wide range of products in our 4GSM service.

Decide: Do you need drop and scratch protection? Choose a case made of flexible material that perfectly absorbs shocks. If you care about the functional use of the case - check models with additional elements, such as: credit card slots, handles that allow you to use the phone with one hand. Maybe you are a very active person who cares about exceptional security of the phone? Are you afraid of its fall from a great height? Do you work in extreme conditions? Try a hybrid case, which, as the name suggests, was created by combining two highly durable materials, ensuring the unquestionable durability of the case.

What types of cases can I find in the 4GSM store?


One example is the case of TECH - PROTECT Wallet "2". Both elegant and practical. It is made entirely of eco-leather, which not only adds style, but also makes it feel secure in the hand. It has pockets for documents, a separate part for cash and a stabilizing stand that allows you to watch movies or make video calls.


If you are interested in an Ecological product, take a look at the Forcell Bio - Zero Waste Case. It will provide excellent protection for your smartphone. And after the period of use, it will not decompose for hundreds of years, but it will break down naturally like an apple or a carrot. Made of fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials.


On the other hand, the TECH - PROTECT brand offers the Margable Galaxy A42 5G case and the Floral Galaxy A42 5G case. Each of the models is characterized by extremely precise workmanship and high shock resistance thanks to the use of TPU material. However, their greatest advantage is the unique design with floral and gradient compositions in pastel colors.

This is just a small part of our case proposals. Check which of our products will meet your requirements by familiarizing yourself with the entire 4GSM offer.

Features of products in 4GSM

Enjoy the safe use of your Samsung Galaxy A42 thanks to:

  • Undeniable quality of the case
  • The use of modern production methods
  • The use of technologically advanced materials
  • A price guarantee that matches high-end products

The brands of products that you can find in our store are not a coincidence. We carefully select partners so that you can find exactly what you need with us. We pay attention to the high technical parameters of the case, service life, resistance to abrasion and the indication of mechanical strength. See for yourself!