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Telefon Tempered Glasses LG

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Our 4GSM online shop offers a wide range of accessories for most smartphone models on the market. One of the most popular items in the range are LG tempered glasses, chosen for their high quality, careful workmanship and excellent properties that completely change the way you use your phone. After their installation, the display is adequately protected from various types of mechanical damage, which is not always due to our distraction. Often, while taking full care of an LG phone, we may not notice a single grain of sand, which is able to completely scratch the surface of the screen, which significantly reduces the comfort of using the phone, and at the same time exposes the display to breakage by reducing the degree of its resistance. We perfectly understand the needs of smartphone users, so in our assortment we offer the highest quality LG tempered glass, which are perfectly rated by our customers.

LG tempered glass - an essential accessory for your phone

The LG tempered glass is an indispensable accessory that every smartphone user should have. It is a good idea to have several pieces in reserve, so that the display is protected throughout the entire period of use, without a moment's pause. The models available in our shop are attractively priced, which makes them an excellent investment for many years. All tempered glass for phones are characterised by the highest quality, thus perfectly protecting the smartphone screen against damage in the form of minor scratches, more serious cracks or complete and irreversible breakdown of the display. This kind of damage usually occurs when it is least expected, when you accidentally let go of the phone or hit its front against the edge of the table. High-quality materials used in the production of the presented tempered glass guarantee high resistance to damage, because they gain a level 9H in the 10-level Mohs scale, which relates to the degree of scratch resistance of the material. The last level is occupied by a diamond and only with it the tempered glass can be scratched.

Tempered glass for LG phones - effective protection of the display

We offer LG tempered glasses for models such as LG G7, G6 and G5, among others. Thanks to this, everyone will find the ideal version for themselves and will quickly appreciate the advantages of this accessory and that already in the first moment after application. The presented protective glasses are completely invisible after sticking, and the adhesive itself does not leave behind any traces. The surface is smooth, so the movement of the finger on the screen is smooth and comfortable. In addition, all the functional properties of the phone are preserved, because each tempered glass is made with great attention to detail, so the manufacturers took care of very important cutouts for buttons and speakers. It is worth knowing that a huge advantage of the presented tempered glasses is the ease of their application. After application, the glass does not peel off under the influence of the use of the phone, and in addition it is fully transparent, so that all the colours and details displayed on the screen are preserved. We are confident that all accessories from our shop will meet all expectations and needs of LG smartphone users.