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Telefon Tempered Glasses Nokia

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Nowadays, the phone is definitely a practical device, but also a gadget for everyday use. They are very helpful in many situations, because they show us the way, remind us of important meetings, enable quick contact with friends, allow us to commemorate special moments in a photo or video, and also make our free time pleasant. It is for this reason that we should take care of them properly and provide them with exemplary security, so that the dream smartphone will be used by us as long as possible . For this purpose, it is worth using tempered glass for the phone , which protects the screen against various types of scratches and mechanical damage. The moment the smartphone slips out of the pocket or slips out of the hands onto a hard surface, the glass will take over the kinetic force of the impact and will be an element thanks to which the display will remain intact. Of course, provided that we choose models from reputable manufacturers, which are characterized by high quality and precise workmanship. These elements include the Nokia tempered glass offered in our store, which is compatible with almost all phone models of this Finnish brand.

Tempered glass Nokia - effective protection of the phone screen

Many people mistakenly claim that the use of tempered glass can reduce the functionality of the phone as it will become less intuitive. However, in the case of the presented versions in our range, all additional functions of the smartphone will be fully retained, also thanks to special cutouts for buttons and speakers. Thin and very hard protective surfaces are easy to apply and leave no residue after peeling off. In addition, the Nokia tempered glass is fully transparent, so they do not affect the quality of the displayed image on the phone screen, including colors, saturation or contrast.

It is also worth knowing the most important parameters of the protective lenses offered, because most models are characterized by a high hardness index defined by the 9H symbol on the 10-point Mohs scale, where the maximum hardness is 10 degrees. This means that the materials from which they were made are very solid and virtually impossible to scratch with objects such as keys, coins or files. Glass can only be damaged with a diamond blade and that is why the presented protective lenses are so popular among people who care about the trouble-free use of their smartphone. The smooth surfaces of the lenses prevent stubborn fingerprints from forming on them, which is also their great advantage.