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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Tempered glass is an extremely interesting material. It effectively protects the front of the smartphone against the effects of falls and many types of damage, and remains completely invisible and does not interfere with use. Our 4GSM store includes the best tempered glass for the iPhone 11 Pro Max . This modern smartphone from the American brand is one of the most expensive on the market, and a large display in OLED technology has a lot of credit. It has a diagonal of 6.5 inches and a resolution of 2688 x 1242 pixels, which means that it is one of the most advanced on the market at the moment. It is worth protecting it from damage. A small grain of sand can create a huge and deep scratch on the screen, just like placing a smartphone in one pocket with keys or coins. Breakages and cracks turn out to be an even bigger problem, as they require replacement of the entire display, which is a very costly repair. The iPhone 11 Pro Max tempered glass perfectly protects against these problems, and at the same time remains completely invisible.

Characteristics of tempered glass

The tempered glass for the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a hardness of 9H on a 10-point Mohs scale, which means that it is fully resistant to most materials, such as plastic, metal, wood and other materials. One material that can scratch its surface is a diamond blade. Toughened glass after sticking is practically fully resistant to all external factors, and after a possible scratch, it can be removed without leaving traces of glue.

Another advantage of tempered glass is resistance to damage resulting from falling onto a hard surface. Hitting the front of the smartphone against e.g. a concrete floor usually causes a crack on the surface of the display. You can use the phone then, but it will not be comfortable. In many cases it is even worse - the screen can break completely. The tempered glass of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is very hard and is an element that takes all the kinetic energy generated during an impact, which in most cases ends up breaking. This keeps the screen intact.

Tempered glass and functional features

Tempered glasses for the iPhone 11 Pro Max have an extremely smooth surface with an oleophobic coating on which the finger slides without any resistance. Thanks to this, the tempered glass for Apple phones is extremely comfortable to use and does not stop your finger while scrolling the screen. The same applies to transparency, which does not disturb the visibility of the image displayed on the screen and its resolution. The colors, details and details after sticking the glass are the same as before. It's also important to know that the tempered glass for Apple phones does not affect touch functionality.

Tempered glass for the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the matter of fitting

The tempered glass iPhone 11 Pro Max is characterized by a perfect fit for the latest Apple brand . It is very precisely cut and reflects all shapes of the phone, including its curves and unusual design solutions. It is very important. The old-type tempered glass could be visible after assembly and did not fully cover the screen, so they neither protected as they should nor provided comfort of use. In our store you will find the best tempered glass for the phone of the highest possible quality and at the lowest price. Therefore, do not hesitate any longer, just order one of the many models for the iPhone 11 Pro Max today!