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Telefon Tempered Glasses Xiaomi

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Xiaomi is a relatively new brand on the market. For several years, sales of smartphones of this manufacturer is growing. Almost everyone knows Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T, or Redmi 9A. Models differ in shape, size and other parameters. Despite the use of durable glass in many Xiaomi phones, they are not indestructible. They require protection. A high level of protection is guaranteed by Xiaomi tempered glass. At 4GSM available for the most popular models: Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro, MI 11 Lite, Poco X3 and many others. We offer glass perfectly matched to the dimensions and functionality of Xiaomi phones. Xiaomi tempered glass is characterized by crystal clarity. Therefore, it does not change the saturation of colours. Its extremely thin layer makes the tempered glass Xiaomi remains almost invisible to the user. Thus, it does not affect the comfort of using the smartphone. We invite you to explore our entire range and to choose the right Xiaomi tempered glass for your model!

The best Xiaomi tempered glass - special features

There are several characteristics common to different types of glass. If you want to choose the best possible Xiaomi tempered glass, it is worth knowing them. Each of these accessories has a certain strength, thickness, smoothness. These three aspects, have a key influence on the choice of Xiaomi tempered glass.

⇒ How durable is Xiaomi tempered glass?

Xiaomi tempered glass is classified based on its resistance to damage. It is a ten-step strength scale. It is denoted by the capital letter "h". When buying Xiaomi tempered glass, choose values greater than or equal to the seventh degree of durability.

⇒ Thickness of tempered glass for Xiaomi

Glass types also differ in terms of the thickness of the coating. They can be in the range of 0.4-0.12 mm. Remember that a larger layer can guarantee higher protection. On the other hand, too large a size will affect the sensitivity of the touch functions of the screen. So it is important to find the "golden mean". You do not have to worry about this aspect if you buy Xiaomi tempered glass at 4GSM. We ensure the full functionality of the glass. The ideal strength to thickness ratio of the protective surface. Each tempered glass is tested for its impact on the comfort of the respective Xiaomi model.

⇒ Is smooth tempered glass safer?

The level of smoothness for tempered glass is not indicated on a numerical scale. Most often, the minimum roughness is emphasised as a unique advantage of the accessory, rather than its primary feature. Although it is a very important criterion for choosing the right Xiaomi tempered glass. It is not as obvious a strength as the aforementioned. Xiaomi tempered glass characterized by a high level of smoothness is more resistant to dirt. The lack of micro-cavities in the glass coating makes it impossible for pollen to stop on it. The lack of a tangential surface causes dust to slide off the glass. At 4GSM you can find highly smooth tempered glass for Xiaomi. The product description will highlight the use of an oleophobic coating. Importantly, it is not only resistant to dust deposition, but also to leaving fingerprints.