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Most users of OPPO smartphones, taking care of their aesthetic appearance and smooth functioning, use cases. It is the most popular solution when it comes to protecting your phone, not only the OPPO brand. Why so much interest in this accessory? OPPO cases are the best way to protect your phone from damage of various kinds and everyday use. Every day our smartphones are exposed to the effects of falls, scratches, cracks and dirt. Despite the fact that manufacturers boast of great performance and precision in almost every inch of our phones are not the legendary, indestructible Nokia 3310. You probably already found out that a few falls from a small height causes the display to appear cracks and on the casing unsightly scuffs. So if you want your phone to last as long as possible OPPO-etui is a very good solution. It protects the reverse of the smartphone, the side edges and corners. In our shop you will find an OPPO case, which additionally protects the screen from scratches, thanks to the frame that extends above the surface. It is made of durable and damage-resistant materials. Excellent shock absorption and protecting every inch of your phone. Check it out and see our entire range of OPPO cases.

Types of OPPO cases

At 4GSM you can find a wide range of OPPO cases, matching your phone model. You can choose a classic back case, or cover with a flap in many colour and functional variants.

OPPO Back Case

As the name suggests, this OPPO case wraps around the back of your smartphone, also protecting its edges and display from scratches. However, it will not protect your phone from a broken screen in case of a fall. For complete protection, you should buy OPPO's tempered glass. The case is available in various colours and designs or is transparent to emphasise the design of the phone. One of the most popular models is the armoured OPPO case. It is reinforced with superstructures on the corner parts and made of modern materials. The phone is protected by a polycarbonate and polyurethane coating, which is resistant to almost every type of damage. It copes well with falls and protects the phone from their effects.

OPPO holster case

Another variant is the OPPO holster case. In our shop you will also find them under the name book case. It is a cover with a flap which closes like a book cover. It is a very practical solution because it can have additional pockets for documents or credit cards. You can also find OPPO holster cases equipped with a stand for easier stabilization, e.g. for watching films or holding video conversations. We can offer you several variations of this case, such as the OPPO wallet case: with multiple compartments, space for cash and documents.