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Telefon Tempered Glasses Sony

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Regardless of the phone brand and model, all of them are equipped with a display, which is their most important element. While this is the most important part, it is also by far the most delicate. Falls from a low height, light hitting the phone against the corner of a table, or even throwing the smartphone directly into the purse may damage the display, which is associated with high repair costs. However, you can protect yourself from such situations. It is enough to use tempered glass on the phone. Their task is to protect the display against very costly damage. The individual models available in 4GSM are perfectly made and perfectly match the given phone model. They are also precisely cut and have all the holes necessary for the proper functioning of a given phone model, e.g. in the form of a camera, loudspeaker or buttons. They are very easy to stick and take off, and additionally - which is certainly the most important - they protect the entire front of the phone and do not interfere with use. This is due to, among other things, the oleophobic layer and the very smooth surface that makes it easy to slide your finger across the screen. Be sure to get to know our entire range of tempered glasses today and enjoy the amazing protection of your phone.

What does the Sony tempered glass protect against?

The Sony tempered glass perfectly protects against most damage caused by traditional use. Among other things, it protects against scratches, even the very deep ones. The display is prone to scratching, which can be caused by, for example, close contact with coins, keys and even a pen. Manufacturers use various techniques to reduce the possibility of scratches, mainly with Gorilla Glass. Unfortunately, even a grain of sand in your pocket can scratch this type of surface. Then the only form of repair is to replace the entire display. So it's best to use tempered glass, which, if scratched, will be easy to replace.

The Sony tempered glass also protects against the effects of falls, including breaking the display. Hitting the phone against the corner of a table, falling from a height or putting the smartphone in a pocket with other objects may cause the display to crumble, break, and also large cracks. Tempered glass thanks to the achieved 9H score on the 10-point Mohs hardness scale provides excellent protection of the display against damage.

How to put on tempered glass?

Tempered glass has the advantage and advantage over traditional foils that it is very easy to install. It is tough and comes with a strong adhesive that makes it easy to stick without any air bubbles underneath. It is enough to put them on in conditions of high humidity (e.g. in the bathroom after a bath), thanks to which the dust will fall to the bottom. After applying the sticky side to the display, the glass will practically stick to it and will only require the user to remove a few air bubbles with appropriate movements.

In our 4GSM store you will find the best and carefully selected Sony tempered glass for such models as XZ3 , XZ2 and XZ1 and many, many others. The individual variants come from well-known and liked manufacturers who took care of their quality and precise cutting to facilitate their application and subsequent use. We invite you to purchase the appropriate model to protect your expensive display!