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Telefon Tempered Glasses Apple

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Modern phones are characterized by very large displays and extremely high image quality, which is largely reflected in their price. The screen is one of the most expensive components in a smartphone and is essential for the proper operation of the phone, and its damage carries high costs. Replacing the display and the purchase itself is associated with quite large expenses, which, however, can be avoided. Fortunately, manufacturers of smartphone accessories have created tempered glass for the phone that protects the screen when the phone falls and increases its resistance to scratching. Glass is very hard and does not change the appearance of the presented image, and does not affect the touch functions, and thus is the best choice for any phone. In the 4GSM offer you will find the best tempered glass for, among others, Apple brand phones, such as iPhone 11 , iPhone XR and iPhone X. All of them are perfectly suited to the shape and curvature of the screen and come from the best, reputable manufacturers of accessories and additions for phones. Be sure to get to know our entire offer!

Which Apple tempered glass to choose?

Phone tempered glasses are characterized by a very high level of hardness - they have the 9th degree on the Mohs hardness scale and are therefore resistant to most other materials, except for the diamond blade and sand. What does this mean in practice? Almost one hundred percent absence of any scratches caused by traditional use. Keys in the same pocket or placing an Apple smartphone on the table with the screen facing down should not result in the appearance of any scratches on the glass, both deeper and slightly shallower.

The iPhone toughened glass also has one more advantage - it is quite fragile, thus it "receives" all the kinetic energy generated when the smartphone hits a hard surface. The glass will break along its entire length during a strong impact, protecting the display underneath.

Tempered glass and the impact on image quality

The Apple tempered glass has practically 100% transparency and does not change the quality, contrast and saturation of the images displayed on the screen in any way. Glass seems completely invisible after application, as it blends perfectly with the screen, giving a smooth and uniform surface resistant to most damage and scratches. What's more, the surface of the tempered glass is completely smooth, so that the finger slides on it without any resistance.

What phone tempered glass is worth special attention?

In 4GSM you will find several types of toughened glass, which differ in terms of external appearance. For people who like perfect aesthetics, we have provided, among others, models with a black or white frame around, which makes the toughened glass practically invisible after installation. In turn, for customers who like more traditional solutions, we offer glass covering only the screen, without the remaining front surface. It is also worth paying attention to the glass covering the camera lens - it will protect against a very expensive replacement of this component. In turn, for people who like the appearance of their iPhone without any housing, we offer a tempered glass on the back, which will protect the glass back of the smartphone. It is worth mentioning that Apple does not provide for the replacement of this element - after breaking the glass on the back of the phone, it must be replaced completely.