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Telefon Tempered Glasses HTC

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The phone display is definitely one of the most important parts of it, because it displays all the data on the smartphone. We are talking about photos, movies, browsing the web, using applications or making calls. Thus, without the display, the phone simply could not exist, but at the same time this element is the most expensive and the most vulnerable. A poorly secured screen can be scratched by sand or improper handling of the phone, which we often do not realize. The display itself, apart from the formation of scratches, is also susceptible to cracks and even complete breakage, so it is worth using all the possibilities to protect it perfectly. For this purpose, it is best to choose high-quality tempered glass for the phone , available in our 4GSM store at attractive prices. All models are distinguished by high quality and, importantly, also a perfect fit for the phone. They have been designed in such a way as not to limit the functionality of the smartphone in any way, and at the same time perfectly protect the display from damage. What's more, their amazing properties are able to improve the quality of images displayed on the screen. Thus, HTC tempered glass is by far the best protection for your smartphone.

Advantages of HTC tempered glass

Our offer includes HTC tempered glass dedicated, among others, to the U12 + , U12 Life , Desire 12+ models. These are modern smartphones, extremely popular on the market and appreciated by many people for their excellent parameters, exemplary quality and high display resolution. However, like any touchscreen phone, also these models are exposed to damage resulting from accidental dropping of the smartphone from the hand or unfortunate placement of the phone on the surface of a dirty tabletop, which may result in irreversible damage, so the only salvation will be to replace the display with a new one.

However, such an operation is often associated with high costs, which is why the application of HTC tempered glass is an excellent solution, because its material was created in a special tempering process, thanks to which the surface is resistant to most mechanical damage. The glass itself reaches the level of 9H on the 10-point Mohs scale. It is the degree of hardness and resistance to the action of materials that could leave scratches on the glass in contact with the glass. Only a diamond is harder than tempered glass.

The effectiveness of tempered glasses available in 4GSM

A layer of specialized glue has been placed under the glass, which not only facilitates its application, but also leaves no traces after removal. In addition, each display on which the HTC tempered glass has been glued, available in our 4GSM store, retains its visual qualities for a long time after installation. In addition, this type of screen protection allows you to use the phone for many years without fear of damaging it. All edges of the glasses are perfectly smooth, which guarantees a smooth movement of the finger on the screen. In addition, the glasses are made with great care for the smallest details, so they have cutouts for buttons and speakers, which allows you to use the phone without any restrictions. Importantly, the toughened glass remains completely invisible after application.