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Telefon Tempered Glasses OPPO

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If you had to name the most common fault with your smartphone caused by everyday use, what would it be? I realise that many of you would probably answer that a faulty display. Who among us hasn't experienced that ever-fashionable and popular spider web pattern on their screen...? This is a very common defect in new electronic equipment with a glass display. You are probably familiar with an accessory that protects this defective area. OPPO tempered glass is an inexpensive and very easy to install product that can save you from costly repairs to your phone or its replacement. It is an extremely thin coating that you install on the surface of your smartphone screen. Thanks to the hardening process, it achieves extraordinary resistance to scratches and also to falls. The tempered glass, which is perfectly matched to the OPPO model, covers the entire surface and adheres tightly to it. In our shop you will find accessories for protecting the screen of your phone: tempered glass, protective film and hybrid glass. We invite you to get to know the full offer!

Which screen protection is the best? OPPO tempered glass versus protective film

In response to the needs of users, manufacturers of GSM accessories have created several products to protect the screen of the smartphone. The most commonly used are tempered glass OPPO and protective film. Probably most of you are familiar with these products.

Toughened safety glass OPPO

Toughened OPPO glass is a hard and durable coating, which looks very similar to the glass we know from everyday articles. However, it differs from glass used in glasses in that it is almost impossible to scratch. Tempered glass 9H can only be damaged by a diamond blade. It protects the screen of your phone from damage in case of a fall, drop or shock. The high level of durability is undoubtedly its greatest advantage. Of course, it is also worth highlighting other features in its favour. These are: total transparency, which does not affect the visibility of the screen and colour saturation, as well as the extremely thin layer which does not change the sensitivity of the display's touch functions.

OPPO protective film

The protective foil for OPPO phones is as effective an accessory protecting the screen as tempered glass. Although it is slightly less resistant to damage, it has other advantages. High quality protective film, like the product above, does not affect the touch functions of the screen and is very thin, it should not be noticeable under the fingertip. It is transparent and does not distort the colours of the displayed images. The most important feature, however, which completely differentiates the protective film from glass is its structure. It is an exceptionally flexible material, which is a great advantage for supporters of this solution.