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Telefon Tempered Glasses Lenovo

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Modern smartphone models are equipped with very large displays that guarantee excellent image quality and all details displayed on the screen. However, usually the latest phones are quite expensive, so after buying them, it is worth taking care of them so that their useful life is as long as possible. Unfortunately, large screens are the weakest link in any smartphone when it comes to damage resistance. It is enough to accidentally slip out of your hand or fall out of your pocket to create irreversible scratches, cracks or complete breakage of the delicate display. For this reason, it is worth protecting your smartphone against such situations and equipping yourself with tempered glass for the phone available in our 4GSM online store. All models are valued for high quality and properties that do not affect the functionality of the phone. The glasses are also very hard and do not change the appearance of the presented screen, as they remain completely invisible after the application. Be sure to get to know our entire offer and choose the perfect model for yourself!

Lenovo tempered glass - the best way to protect your display

The presented Lenovo tempered glass is an excellent choice for several reasons. First of all, the individual models are ideally suited to the shape of the screen, thanks to which they do not stick out of the surface of the phone after application and provide full comfort of use, without reducing its functionality. In addition, toughened glasses are characterized by a very high level of hardness, as their degree on the Mohs scale is 9H out of 10, therefore they are resistant to most other materials, except for the diamond blade and sand (quartz), which occupy the 10th place. In practice, this means that after applying the glass, the smartphone screen is almost 100% protected during use against both shallower and deeper scratches, as well as against breakage or complete shattering due to the absorption of kinetic energy generated during an impact by the glass.

Does toughened glass affect image quality?

It is worth knowing that the great advantage of the presented protective accessories is the lack of influence on the quality of the image presented on the smartphone screen. After application, we will certainly pay attention to complete transparency, thanks to which both colors, saturation, set contrast and visibility of details will remain unchanged. The smooth and uniform surface looks very elegant, and the finger glides over it extremely smoothly.

Lenovo tempered glass from renowned manufacturers will effectively protect the display of your phone today , so do not wait any longer, just place an order, which we will complete as soon as possible. We guarantee satisfaction and full satisfaction with the purchased accessories.