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SmartWatch Glasses

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A few years ago, the smartwatch was a novelty only for hobbyists interested in the latest technology - now, however, smartwatches have become one of the most popular accessories, and the number of their functions in practice has equaled mobile phones. However, they are also expensive, so it is worth protecting them from any damage. The tempered glass of the smartwatch is perfect for protecting the display of this device and does not change its appearance in any way. It is thin, perfectly adheres to the screen surface and does not affect the touch functions or the quality of the displayed image. This is why most people buy a smartwatch protective glass as their first accessory after purchasing the device itself. Damaging this part of the smartwatch is very costly. Scratches, bruises or cracks are usually expensive to repair and few services are undertaken, and repair at an authorized service center is often as much as the cost of purchasing a new device. Therefore, order the tempered glass for your smartwatch today and protect your device from most damage.

Features of the tempered glass for smartwatch

The tempered glass of the smartwatch differs from the protective film among other protective functions. Tempered glass has a hardness of 9H on the 10-point Mohs hardness scale and can basically only be scratched with a diamond, which means that it remains in perfect condition for practically the entire life of the device. Moreover, if the protective glass of the smartwatch gets damaged, it is easy to replace it with a new one. It is enough to peel off the damaged glass, which leaves no traces or blemishes on the display, and then stick new ones and regain the original look of your smartwatch.

The protective glass on the smartwatch also effectively protects against breakage. The glass surface absorbs all the impact energy and prevents it from getting any further, that is, straight to the screen. Thanks to this, even hitting a wrist against a wall, table or car door does not have to end up damaging a valuable accessory. It is also worth remembering that smartwatches are definitely more vulnerable than smartphones.

Perfect fit, precise cut

All the tempered glass smartwatches available in 4GSM come only from reputable, well-known and liked manufacturers who have been producing GSM accessories for many years. Thanks to this, they are, among other things, perfectly suited to a given smartwatch model. They effectively protect literally the entire display, not just a part of it, and at the same time they are completely invisible when properly applied. The fit can also be seen in the rounded edges on some models. Such toughened glass is completely invisible after application, and no sharp edges are noticeable.

The simplicity of sticking on is also important. Contrary to protective films, the tempered glass on the smartwatch sticks very easily, mainly due to the rigid surface. Rarely, any bubbles appear underneath, but when they do, they disappear spontaneously after a few hours or you can do it yourself by "pushing" them from the center of the display to the outside.