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Mobile phones accompany us every day - one enable payments, organize travel, capture important moments, and also make free time pleasant. Unfortunately, despite the fact that one are made of increasingly stronger materials, each encounter with keys or other sharp objects may end up with not very aesthetic scratches or splinters. That is why a phone case is one of the most important accessories that should be purchased when buying a smartphone. In the 4GSM store, we have a really wide selection. From very minimalist variants to models intended for full protection in extreme conditions. Cases from our offer prevent scratches, chipping and protect against costly damage resulting from falls from a height. By choosing a phone case from the 4GSM store's offer, you are guaranteed that it will meet your expectations in 100 percent. We invite you to view all the cases, covers and cases proposed in this offer that fit the Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone.

Cases / covers / cases compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone

The Samsung brand needs no introduction. It is one of the pioneers in the GSM industry that has revolutionized the Polish market. One of their flagship models is the Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone, which offers many modern solutions. The high resolution of the screen and many additional functions make it a phone that you need to spend a lot of money on. Therefore, in order to avoid costly repairs, it is necessary to ensure its proper protection. The cases, covers and cases from the 4GSM offer will be perfect for this task. It is a proposal that was created with the high expectations of our customers in mind and will certainly satisfy the most demanding. Choose a model compatible with Samsung S20 and keep its elegant appearance for longer.

Types of Samsung cases available in the 4GSM offer!

In the 4GSM online store you will find a wide selection of cases for Samsung Galaxy S20. Among them there is a traditional model of a case put on the back of the phone, a case that opens like a book and a variant in the form of a cover. The first proposal is a case on the back of the smartphone, the so-called the back and protects the entire rear part and the side edges, including the top and bottom. Case in the form of a book are models with an additional front panel that also protects the front of the smartphone. This model perfectly protects the display against scratching or breaking. The last model are covers, i.e. a case that opens only on one side. It is also worth paying attention to the Rugged Armor case, which is light and very durable at the same time. It meets all the requirements in this safety class - it is resistant to impacts, shocks, water, wind, dust and dust. Thanks to it, your Samsung S20 will always be safe, regardless of the prevailing conditions.

High quality and fashionable design of Samsung cases - is it possible?

If you prefer original design combined with high quality and functionality, you've come to the right place. We have a proposal for you of many fashionable and interesting designs of cases, covers and phone cases, which come from well-known and respected manufacturers around the world. You can choose from modern silicone cases, classic models made of transparent plastic and exclusive covers made of natural leather. We have cases in colors that will delight everyone - from classic models in subdued colors, to highly saturated shades with unusual patterns. All of them are characterized by high quality and perfect fit to the Galaxy S20.