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Apple iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro

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The latest smartphone from the American brand with the logo of a bitten apple is equipped with a large OLED screen with a resolution of 5.8 ”in Super Retina XDR technology. It is a display with an unusual definition and excellent colors, but at the same time, due to the fact that it occupies the entire front of the smartphone, it is also exposed to many damages that are costly to repair. The most common ones are the destruction of the screen due to a breakage during a fall, as well as deep scratches caused by close contact with a grain of sand, which are abundant in our pockets. The iPhone 11 Pro tempered glass protects against this type of problems . It has a hardness of 9H, is resistant to most scratches, and also provides effective protection of the screen against breaking. Interestingly, despite so many advantages, the tempered glass for the iPhone 11 Pro is invisible after proper installation and does not interfere with the use of the smartphone. It is worth getting to know them closely and choosing the right model for you.

Tempered glass for iPhone 11 Pro - construction and technology

The most important feature of Apple 's tempered glass is its hardness, which is 9H on a 10-point Mohs scale. What does it mean? That they can only be scratched with a material harder than tempered glass, and the material is diamond. In typical everyday life, the chance of scratching the screen surface is therefore very small, and if it does, the tempered glass, unlike the screen, can be easily changed to new ones. Another advantage of this type of glass is its hardness, which also protects the display from breaking. The kinetic energy generated when the phone's surface hits the ground spreads only across the glass, causing it to break, and does not penetrate underneath it. This means that the iPhone 11 Pro tempered glass also protects the smartphone from breaking the screen, as it absorbs all the energy.

Tempered glass or protective foil?

Only a few years ago , only protective films were available on the market, and toughened glass is their direct successor . The protective foil had very few advantages, as it only protected the display from minor scratches. The thin surface did not guarantee any protection against deep scratches or against breakage, and at the same time it was disturbing during everyday use. The biggest disadvantages were the change in the quality of the displayed image, including blurring of details and darkening of the whole, and the fact that the protective foil had a surface on which the finger did not want to slide. A huge disadvantage was also huge problems with its proper sticking. The foil is soft and thus bubbles and creases have formed underneath. Tempered glass is much better in this field.

Matching tempered glass to Apple phones

The tempered glass for the iPhone 11 Pro is ideally suited to the external dimensions of the phone, so they do not stick out and do not cause discomfort during use. Badly matched tempered glass does not protect the screen properly and makes the finger constantly stop on the protruding edges, modern tempered glass for Apple phones does not have this disadvantage . Another advantage is the side finish. They are smooth and rounded, and therefore also safe for the user. Order new tempered glass for Apple phones today and protect your display from lurking threats. Replacing a damaged screen is very costly and not everyone undertakes it. Therefore, we invite you to shop at 4GSM today.