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Modern iPhone 11 tempered glass has many useful functions that protect the entire front of the smartphone from damage such as breakage, scratching or cracks. They are completely transparent and do not change the quality and level of details visible on the display , and they are also very easy to stick and remove. This makes tempered glass a necessary accessory for every smartphone on the market. Costly screen damage is one of the most frequent accidents, which in turn leads to very expensive replacement of the damaged element. It is worth protecting yourself against this by using the successor of the protective foil - tempered glass. The iPhone 11 is the latest smartphone model from the American brand Apple and is equipped with a large display made in the modern Liquid Retina technology with a diagonal of 6.1 ''. It should be absolutely protected against unpleasant surprises.

How does iPhone 11 tempered glass work?

Phone tempered glass has many valuable features. The most important of these is certainly the hardness , which was classified at 9H on the 10-point Mohs hardness scale. What does it mean? That in practice, the only materials that can scratch them are diamond and in some cases also quartz crystals. In real use, a glass-protected smartphone will have a factory appearance for many months after installation. Glass, thanks to its hardness, protects not only against scratches, but also against breakages. If the phone falls on a hard floor, the display usually breaks, which in a straight line leads to its replacement. The toughened glass of the iPhone 11 has this feature that, thanks to its hardness, it absorbs the energy generated during a fall and takes it over. Thanks to this, the impact force does not pass onto the phone screen, effectively protecting it.

Why should you have your own iPhone 11 tempered glass?

The most important advantage is, of course, the protection of the phone against scratches and bruises, but there are many more advantages. Another feature worth special attention is the fact that the scratched toughened glass can be easily replaced with new ones. Just peel off the old ones and install the new ones. This means that even after scratching or breaking the glass, you can regain the factory appearance of your phone in a few minutes. Another advantage is the ease of application. The iPhone 11 tempered glass is hard, thanks to which most people can stick them on. It's also worth knowing that this accessory has an oleophobic coating that makes it easy to slide your finger across the screen. The surface is slippery and the finger does not stop on the screen when scrolling. Transparency is also interesting. Tempered glass is characterized by a complete lack of influence on the quality, amount of details or contrast of the displayed image.

Perfect fit, precise cut

Apple tempered glass is always perfectly matched to the given smartphone model. Each hole for a speaker or camera is perfectly made and reflects the real position of this element. Safety is also important. The edges of all toughened glasses are rounded to such an extent that they are completely safe for the user and do not injure him during normal use. As it turns out, the iPhone 11 tempered glass is a great addition for every smartphone owner, but it is worth buying them only from a proven and reliable source. In the 4GSM store you will find the best solutions at a reasonable price, from reputable manufacturers . Please feel free to purchase today.