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Apple iPhone 5 iPhone 5

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IPhone 5 cases available at 4GSM are high quality products available in many variants colors. Each of them is made of durable PC and TPU pC and TPU material, and their appropriate cut allows you to smooth use of ports and buttons located on the sides of the device sides of the device. Etui from our offer were designed mainly with with a view to protecting equipment against drops and other mechanical damage mechanical damage, but its excellent appearance and attention to detail details also hit the taste of people who want to change the character of your smartphone.

Etui for iPhone 5 included in our offer we offer many variants that differ from each other mainly in terms of we have both neutral, black or black cases. We have both neutral, black or white models, as well as a little more flashy lime green or red versions red. Each of the available products fits not only the iPhone 5, but also for models 5S and SE. All thanks to a very the design and the cutouts are placed in the same places. This solution makes it possible to use the same case also after changing the hardware to a slightly newer variant.

Etui iPhone 5 - functionality first of all

The main task of iPhone 5 available in our store is to protect your expensive equipment equipment from damage resulting from falls or carrying around company of objects that can scratch the metal back smartphone. The offered products also have other advantages, such as such as the ability to clean with water and reducing the risk of the phone slipping slipping of the phone from your hands. This is because the case increases the stability grip, which is the case even for the lightest and thinnest models. Another advantage of cases made of plastic is also easy to remove and put them on, so you can the plastic cases are also easy to take off and put on, so you can change the look of your smartphone depending on your preferences.

High quality case for iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 slee ves have been the iPhone 5 sleeves are made from water-resistant plastic and are resistant to and damage that occurs as a result of daily contact with their surface the case is made of plastic that is water-resistant and resistant to damage from daily contact with its surface. During the production process, care was taken to the smallest details during the production process, so they do not hinder the normal use of the smartphone and do not affect its excessive heating. Etui for phone cases available in our store are also able to retain their original color for a really long time, not yellowing and not fade after just a few weeks.