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Samsung Galaxy A40 Galaxy A40

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Modern smartphones are usually equipped with large and easy to read displays that make it easier to use the phone, enter data, read information or watch movies. Unfortunately, large displays are also prone to many damages, such as scratching or breaking them, which in turn leads to a very costly replacement of this element with a new one. In the Samsung Galaxy A40, the manufacturer has used a large 5.9 ″ display that displays the image at a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels and a pixel density of 437 ppi. This is one of the best panels on the market, which stands out from others also with high color saturation and deep black thanks to Super AMOLED technology. The manufacturer used Gorilla Glass, which, however, does not protect against scratches in one hundred percent. The best choice for screen protection is the Galaxy A40 tempered glass, which is the successor to the well-known protective foil. However, it is much stronger, more durable and safer, and at the same time protects the display not only against delicate and shallow scratches, but also against much deeper scratches, and also against breakage. What's more, the Galaxy A40 tempered glass is also at a favorable price, so their purchase will certainly pay off very quickly. In relation to the cost of purchasing a new display, the price of the Galaxy A40 tempered glass is very low.

What is the characteristics of tempered glass for the Galaxy A40 and why you should buy it

Tempered glass for the Galaxy A40 has many extremely important advantages that make it the first purchase for many owners of modern phones after purchasing a new smartphone. The glass has a hardness of 9H on a 10-point Mohs scale. What does it mean? That the only material capable of scratching it is a diamond blade and others, but only with enough pressure. Such high hardness makes the tempered glass for the Galaxy A40 resistant to scratches as a result of contact with keys or coins, thanks to which it protects the phone also when carrying it in your pocket. What's more, the stiffness of the glass also protects the display against breakage. It is so hard that after hitting the floor or the protruding edge of the table, it does not transmit kinetic energy directly to the phone display. Thanks to this, you will protect the front of the phone and the display itself not only against scratches, but also against total damage. This is a great advantage for people who sell their phone, wanting to buy a new one, or when they give it to someone close to them from their family.

See also other advantages of tempered glass for the Galaxy A40

There are many other and additional advantages of tempered glass for Galaxy A40 and it is worth knowing them all before buying. The adhesive layer on the underside of the glass is very important. The glue is delicate and completely safe for the display, so it does not react with it or leave any traces on it after peeling off. What's more - glass is very easy to stick. Due to the fact that it is fully rigid and very precisely made, minimal manual skills are enough to stick it. It is enough to thoroughly clean the display of dirt, grease and fingerprints, then remove the protective layer from the tempered glass for the Galaxy A40 and stick the glass directly on the display, paying great attention to the even position. It is worth doing this process in the bathroom after bathing. The water vapor will bring the dust to the floor, preventing it from settling on the surface of the screen before sticking the glass. Order today in the 4GSM store!