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Samsung Galaxy A50s Galaxy A50s

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Modern and currently manufactured phones are equipped with large displays that are exposed to many types of damage, such as breakage or scratching. It is worth protecting them, because such failures are very expensive - the cost of replacing a damaged screen can be up to half the value of the entire smartphone. This element is protected by, among other things, tempered glass for the Samsung Galaxy A50S. This is a modern form of display protection, which is a significant improvement over protective films. In our 4GSM store you will find the best solutions for this phone model. All of them come from the best producers of GSM accessories, are covered by a warranty and meet all the requirements set by demanding customers, they are also made of safe materials. Therefore, order today the tempered glass for Samsung Galaxy A50S at an affordable price. We guarantee fast delivery, 100% originality of all products, as well as safe packaging. All proposals are precisely described on individual subpages, we will also be happy to help you choose. To contact us - call or write today. We provide a quick and factual response as well as a friendly approach.

Why tempered glass for Samsung Galaxy A50S is better than protective film

The protective foil is a prototype of toughened glass and, at the same time, its much worse alternative, which is why it is becoming less and less popular. The foil is quite thin, therefore it is usually not able to protect the display from deeper scratches or against breakage. In addition, it is very difficult to stick it on because it is soft, so large and smaller air bubbles often appear underneath. Moreover, it is impossible to stick it on again due to the fact that the foil stretches when it is removed with little force. The tempered glass for the Samsung Galaxy A50S is completely different. They are very easy to stick due to their stiffness, and the glue never leaves any traces on the screen after peeling off. However, there are many more advantages of this solution.

The biggest advantages of tempered glass for the Samsung Galaxy A50S

Tempered glass for Samsung Galaxy A50S has the best protective properties among any other solutions. It has a hardness of 9H on the 10-point Mohs scale, thus it can only be scratched by a harder material in the form of diamond and quartz, i.e. small grains of sand, which are also in our pockets. Glass effectively protects the screen against deep and shallow scratches, as well as against breaking. The glass is very stiff and hard, thanks to which it absorbs all the energy generated by hitting the front of the phone, for example against the edge of the table, and the resulting energy is not transferred further to the display. This means that the tempered glass for the Samsung Galaxy A50S protects the entire front of the phone against failures that can happen to every phone user.

Precisely made tempered glass for the Samsung Galaxy A50S

Each tempered glass for Samsung Galaxy A50S is very precisely made and fits perfectly on this phone model, so putting it on does not cause any problems. For sticking, it is enough to wipe the display thoroughly and remove fingerprints, traces of grease and other dirt. To minimize the risk of dust appearing under the tempered glass, stick it, e.g. in the bathroom after a bath. Then the steam will effectively remove hair and dust. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service office.