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The latest smartphones offer a lot of possibilities, unfortunately they have one common disadvantage - they can be quickly destroyed. Cracks, chipping or a broken screen are one of the most common problems encountered by smartphone users. Especially when it comes to the flagship models of the Samsung brand, for which the replacement of the display may exceed the amount of the smartphone itself. To prevent such situations, it is worth investing in a good quality tempered glass when buying a phone. In our 4GSM online store you will find a wide selection of tempered glasses for many phone models, including Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones. The presented Mocolo tempered glass is distinguished by a high degree of hardness and protects against possible scratches, splashes and cracks. These are high-quality products from a well-known and reputable manufacturer that you can buy at a much lower price than other competing companies offer. Choose the Samsung Galaxy S20 tempered glass from the 4GSM offer and see for yourself that the high quality of our products goes hand in hand with a low price!

Samsung Galaxy S20 tempered glass - the phone protection you care about

When deciding to buy such a flagship product as the Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone, you must remember to properly secure it. In the case of the excellent parameters offered by this model, the case itself may not be enough, so you should think about tempered glass, the purchase of which brings only benefits.

The Samsung tempered glass presented in this offer is designed to protect your display against unwanted scratches, splashes and cracks. However, in addition to protection against minor damage, the toughened glass presented here also perfectly absorbs falls from heights, dispersing the impact force inside their own structure. All this is due to a well-thought-out construction and the use of the highest quality materials.

Advantages of using Samsung tempered glass

Tempered glass from the 4GSM offer are products that we can successfully recommend even to the most demanding customers. Their characteristic feature is the incredible hardness of 9h on the 10-point Mohs scale, which means that only a diamond blade can scratch them. Objects such as a knife or keys cannot damage the Samsung Galaxy S20 tempered glass in any way.

One of the biggest advantages of using our Samsung tempered glasses is that they are perfectly matched to a specific phone model. We are talking about special cutouts for buttons, camera and speakers, but also about perfectly profiled 2.5D edges, which perfectly reflect the shape of the Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone. An additional advantage of our toughened glasses for phones is the use of a special oleophobic coating, which reduces the amount of fingerprints and other impurities visible on the screen.

Samsung tempered glass hardened with a UV lamp - an easy and convenient way to install

The offer we present includes, among others, the Samsung Galaxy S20 tempered glass, which is mounted on the smartphone display with a liquid substance. After cleaning, degreasing and drying the phone screen, pour the liquid into the center of the device, and then put the tempered glass on the display. After arranging the glass, check if it adheres evenly and proceed to hardening. The glass should be hardened at 5 points on the display, 15 seconds each. Properly glued glass does not reduce the quality of the display in any way, does not affect the sensitivity of touch and does not reduce the quality of the displayed colors.