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Probably many of us have encountered a situation where the phone display has been scratched, cracked or completely destroyed. Even a very good-quality screen, as in the case of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, cannot withstand the momentum in some drops. You have to be aware of the fact that repairing a damaged display can take a long time, and the amount of repair can sometimes be unprofitable. Therefore, at the stage of purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus smartphone, it is worth getting a high-quality tempered glass, perfectly suited to this model. You can buy them in our 4GSM online store at a really bargain price. From today you can protect your smartphone against all kinds of mechanical damage and dents with the strongest tempered glass available on the market. Choosing Samsung tempered glass from the 4GSM offer, you are guaranteed perfect display protection, perfect fit and durability that will accompany you throughout its lifetime.

Tempered Glass Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus - high quality for the most demanding customers

The tempered glass for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus presented in this offer is the highest quality products that we can successfully recommend to even the most demanding customers. Protective glasses with a thickness of 0.3 millimeters have many advantages. One of them is their very hard surface, determined at 9h on the 10-point Mohs scale. This means that our tempered glass is the most scratch-resistant and damage-resistant glass available on the market; only a diamond blade can scratch them. In addition to the fact that our tempered glass perfectly protects the displays of phones against scratches and other damage, they also respond well to a fall from a height, dissipating the force of an impact inside their own structure.

Advantages of Samsung tempered glass worth mentioning

Modern Samsung tempered glass, in addition to purely protective advantages, are also characterized by excellent durability and a perfect fit. Precise cutouts for buttons, the camera and the curves of the smartphone ensure a perfect fit, and the special profiled 2.5D edges perfectly reflect the shape of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus smartphone. In addition, the products we offer have a special oleophobic coating that reduces the number of fingerprints to a practically minimum, and thus protects the phone against dirt and contamination. It is worth mentioning that the Samsung tempered glass available in the 4GSM store's offer does not affect the functioning of the smartphone in any way; they do not reduce the sensitivity of touch and do not disturb the color tone of the display.

Samsung tempered glass is hardened with a UV lamp

Samsung tempered glass recommended in this offer are products assembled with a liquid substance and cured with a UV lamp. Seems complicated? Nothing could be more wrong! The whole process is fast and hassle-free, and thanks to this combination, you are able to get the perfect effect of smoothness, clarity and responsiveness on the smartphone screen in a few moments. All you need to do is to thoroughly degrease the surface of the screen, dry it, and then pour the contents of the liquid into the center of the device and place the glass on the display as evenly as possible. Then, use a UV lamp to harden the glass in 5 places for 15 seconds at each point. Remember that before curing UV tempered glasses, you can maneuver it freely. When choosing the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus tempered glass from our offer, the set includes Mocolo glass, a UV lamp and assembly tools.