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Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite Mi 8 Lite

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The Xiaomi MI 8 Lite tempered glass is a kind of accessory that is definitely worth having. A huge screen with a diagonal of 6.26 '' and a resolution of 2280x1080 pixels, for obvious reasons, costs much more than displays with much inferior parameters. Damaged screen requires replacement, which in most cases can cost more than half the value of the entire phone. It is worth avoiding this by using the Xiaomi MI 8 Lite tempered glass from our 4GSM store. Xiaomi tempered glass protects the entire front of the phone against serious and cosmetic damage, which include, among others, bruises, chipping, matting of the surface, as well as more cosmetic problems such as deeper and superficial scratches. Moreover, the tempered glass for Xiaomi MI 8 is also a way to keep the visual appeal of this phone model and resell it later with a much greater profit. In addition, the phone tempered glass has one advantage that is rarely mentioned - a perfect fit for the phone. Thanks to this, the glass after sticking is practically completely invisible and does not interfere with the use of the device.

Why should I protect my phone display?

Tempered glass Xiaomi MI 8 Lite is an excellent choice for this phone model due to the quality and technology of the display. This element is extremely expensive for this reason. In extreme situations that can happen to literally everyone, for example, as a result of a phone breakage, the replacement of the damaged screen often exceeds half the value of the smartphone. Manufacturers are aware of this and push up prices even more to force a potential customer to buy a new phone. Tempered glass for Xiaomi MI 8 Lite is also a great way to keep the factory appearance of our device. Glass protects the screen against most damage, so after removing it, even after a few years, we will see a brand new screen. As a result, we achieve both a higher resale price and the ability to use the phone as we bought it a few years ago.

Xiaomi tempered glass - general characteristics

The Xiaomi MI 8 Lite tempered glass is characterized by, among other things, a very high level of hardness, classified in the 10-point Mohs hardness scale at 9H, a mesh lower than a diamond. What does it mean? Virtually 100% resistance michanical damage as a result of contact with a sharp object made of plastic or metal. Another feature resulting from the hardness of this accessory is the absorption of kinetic energy resulting from a fall from a height. Therefore, tempered glass for the phone protects the display also against the most difficult cases of breaking or chipping the screen after hitting a hard surface.

Does the tempered glass for Xiaomi MI 8 stick well?

Definitely yes. Xiaomi tempered glass is very easy to stick on and it is influenced by several important facts. The first is the stiffness of the glass, which prevents air bubbles from forming underneath, which are hard to remove later on. In addition, the glass can be easily arranged before sticking and its position can be adjusted. The glue itself is quite strong, but it does not interact with the material of the screen itself, so after putting it on, you can take it off and adjust it again. Another and equally important feature is that the tempered glass for Xiaomi MI 8 is perfectly matched to this model of the device, so it is not visible on its surface and you can forget about it a moment after installation. However, they should always be purchased from a reliable source. In our 4GSM store you will find the best and original Xiaomi tempered glass of great quality at an excellent price. We invite you today.