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Tablet Glasses Apple

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In the era of ubiquitous technological devices, most people cannot imagine everyday life without a tablet. It is a great tool for work, study and entertainment. Unfortunately, its purchase is associated with high costs, so it is important to take care of its proper protection. In the case of an Apple tablet, the screen is the most susceptible to damage - it is where scratches, chips and sometimes also breakage appear most often. In the 4GSM store, we have solutions that will protect your device against such situations. IPad tempered glass is a product that will appeal to even the most demanding tablet users. Innovative solutions used in the proposed glasses guarantee the highest level of protection of the screen against any mechanical damage and ensure comfortable and convenient use of the touch display. Check out the offer we propose and see the benefits of using tempered glass for Apple tablets.

IPad tempered glass - the best protection for your display!

When you buy an Apple brand tablet, you should immediately decide to protect your display. Why? First of all, to protect the beautiful and large iPad screen from all kinds of mechanical damage. Even a few days of using the tablet without an additional protective layer on the screen may result in the appearance of not very aesthetic scratches. To avoid such situations, we recommend the use of iPad tempered glasses available in our store's offer.

The tempered glass presented in this offer is intended for all Apple tablets. Their task is to protect the display against unwanted scratches, scratches and splashes. However, our tablet tempered glass has many other advantages as well. They perfectly absorb falls from a great height, dispersing the impact force inside their own structure. All this is due to a well-thought-out construction and the use of the highest quality materials.

Tempered glass for Apple tablets - quality that ensures the highest comfort of use

Modern tempered glass for Apple tablets are products designed to meet the high expectations of our customers. They were made of the highest quality processed tempered glass with a thickness of only 0.2 mm, which is characterized by extraordinary flexibility and hardness. The hardness of the glasses we propose was determined at 9h on a 10-point Mohs scale. This means that the iPad lenses offered are scratch-resistant even in contact with sharp objects such as a knife or keys.

Another advantage is the exact fit to a specific tablet model. We are talking about special cutouts for the camera, speakers or other ports, but also 2.5D milled edges that are very pleasant to the touch. The glasses we offer have been equipped with a nano coating that reduces the amount of fingerprints and other impurities visible on the screen. Crystal clear glass perfectly reflects the quality of the displayed colors and does not affect the sensitivity of the touch.