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Telefon Tempered Glasses Motorola

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Nowadays, many people are busy and pay less and less attention to the proper handling of the phone, although for most of us it is one of the most important gadgets, which is difficult to live without. We use a smartphone all day long, and during a break we throw it into a purse or pocket, which makes its display often exposed to damage. In this way, shallow and deep scratches and cracks can develop. Sometimes it may also happen that the phone will fall out of our hand and fall on a hard surface, which will result in a complete breakage of the screen. Replacing this element is usually the most expensive defect, so it is worth avoiding it at all costs. For this purpose, it is best to choose the tempered glass for the phone available in the offer of our 4GSM online store , which has a wide selection for most smartphone models available on the market. One of the most frequently chosen items is Motorola tempered glass, which, like the other versions, is a great solution, especially if our phone does not have a factory protection in the form of solid glass.

Motorola tempered glass - exemplary display protection

Many people often choose a classic display foil. Of course, it is also a kind of screen protection, but Motorola tempered glass works much better, because they protect the display against mechanical damage to a much greater extent. Where does this difference come from? Well, when the phone accidentally falls to the ground from a greater height or we hit the screen, for example, against the corner of a table, the tempered glass will perfectly absorb the impact, thanks to which the screen will remain intact. It is also worth knowing that this type of additional glass perfectly protects the display thrown into a woman's purse against scratching with keys, a file, coins or other sharp objects .

In addition, Motorola tempered glass in most cases is characterized by a high degree on the Mohs scale, as it is usually 9H. This means that the lens cannot be scratched with a sharp tool and the only possibility of damaging it is contact with a diamond or a grain of sand. The 4GSM tempered glass offered in our store is also very easy to apply. The edges are carefully cut to fit the shape of the display of a given Motorola model, and additionally they have cutouts for buttons and speakers, thanks to which the functionality of the phone is fully preserved. In addition, the surface of the glass is smooth and slippery, making the use of the smartphone very convenient and comfortable.