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Huawei P30 P30

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The main task of tempered glass is to ensure the safety of the phone display against mechanical damage in the form of scratches, bruises or cracks. Unfortunately, even very careful handling of a smartphone can cause damage, e.g. as a result of an unfortunate slipping of it from your hands or pants pocket. Therefore, it is worth taking care of adequate protection, which will be able to protect the device throughout its life. The tempered glass for the phone offered in our 4GSM online store is an excellent solution for several reasons. All models are of high quality and carefully made of every detail. Thanks to this, Huawei tempered glass is effective and reliable, as every user of the brand's phones will surely find out right after their application. The great advantage of protective lenses is their appearance. They perfectly imitate the original display, thanks to which they remain invisible, and the phone does not lose its visual qualities. The assortment includes a wide selection of models, and the most frequently chosen one is the Huawei P30 tempered glass , which is valued for its excellent properties and extraordinary durability.

Huawei tempered glass - an excellent choice for any smartphone

Both the tempered glass for the Huawei P30 and other models available on our website are distinguished by excellent resistance to damage. All thanks to special materials that allowed to reach the 9H level on the 10-point Mohs scale, which determines the degree of hardness of minerals. Grade 1 means that the surface can be scratched very easily with virtually any other material, while Grade 10 is occupied by a diamond that cannot be scratched in the usual way. Toughened glass will help to absorb the impact so that the effects of a fall are reduced to a minimum . In the worst case, only the protective glass will be replaced, not the entire display. Therefore, it is worth using them, because screen replacement is definitely one of the more expensive and often unpaid faults.

An additional advantage of the presented accessories is their durability, which is greater than that of ordinary glass. Individual models are of appropriate thickness and stiffness, so they are also easy to apply, even for people who have never had contact with them. The assembly is quick and very efficient, and the cutouts for buttons and loudspeakers allow for trouble-free use of the phone's functions also after sticking the glass. All of the listed advantages apply to both the most popular model, which is the Huawei P30 tempered glass , and others.

Huawei tempered glass full of advantages

It is also worth knowing that the Huawei tempered glass available in our range is fully transparent, so they do not affect the displayed image on the screen. Thus, all colors and details are perfectly preserved. The surface of the glasses is smooth and slippery, which guarantees smooth movement of the finger on the screen. The additional coating also guarantees the operation of all touch functions, which is extremely important in the case of modern smartphones. Moreover, all models are perfectly matched to the dedicated phones.

The high quality of the available accessories means that once put on, the additional glass will serve the user as long as the device itself works. Therefore, we invite you to purchase. On our part, we guarantee quick execution of each order and assistance in selecting the appropriate security element. Order the tempered glass for the Huawei P30 or any other phone model today or make someone a perfect gift at an attractive price that will be very practical.