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Huawei P40 Pro P40 Pro

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Tempered glass for the phone is an excellent choice in any case, because they are the perfect protection of the display against mechanical damage. However, you should carefully study the parameters and properties of each version to choose the right one. The offer of our 4GSM online store includes a wide selection of only proven and effective toughened glasses, so you can be sure that the glass you buy will be the perfect choice in any case. The durability of the accessories in this category is second to none, so it is worth buying several pieces to have many models in stock for replacement if necessary. Huawei tempered glass available in our assortment are also used by smartphone users of this brand and appreciated for the highest quality. We offer them at an attractive price, so everyone can afford them. It is worth knowing that a screen without tempered glass is constantly exposed to damage, even when we pay special attention to its protection. However, a fine grain of sand or the unfortunate release of the phone from your hands is enough to cause irreparable damage to the front of the phone. Then the only salvation will be the expensive replacement of the display. So, secure your smartphone today and choose the best protective glasses, among which you will find a model for the most popular phone of this brand, namely the Huawei Pro tempered glass.

Robust and effective Huawei tempered glass

Unfortunately, not all smartphones are factory-secured with solid glass, resistant to damage. However, models equipped with Gorilla Glass will not always be able to protect the display from breaking or scratching, so in any case, the purchase of additional protection will be a great solution. In our store, both the Huawei P30 Pro tempered glass and other versions are much more durable than ordinary glass, as evidenced by the high position on the Mohs scale. Most models are usually marked 9H, which means that their surface cannot be scratched even with a sharp tool, but only with a diamond blade.

However, apart from high quality, correct application is extremely important in the case of toughened glasses. The assembly itself is relatively simple and quick - it only takes a few moments for the glass to be properly applied to the display, which can also be handled by people without experience. All because both the tempered glass for the Huawei P30 Pro and other models are perfectly suited to the shape of the screen, both in terms of size and any cutouts for speakers or buttons. The precise application will not leave air bubbles.

The advantage of tempered glass over classic foils

Many people think that a protective foil cheaper than toughened glass is an excellent alternative for it. However, this is not quite the case. The foils are much thinner, so they only protect against dirt or very delicate scratches. Moreover, they are often not perfectly matched to the display and difficult to apply. There are air bubbles on the screen after the application, which look unattractive and, in addition, may make it difficult to read data and images visible on the phone screen.

Tempered glass will always perform better, especially for falls from great heights. In addition, they are much faster to stick than foil, mainly due to their stiffness, because they imitate the original display coating, thanks to which the touch works as it should. Choose today a tempered glass for the Huawei P30 Pro or another model of your smartphone and enjoy the perfect protection of the display throughout the life of the phone.